FoamLime Adhesivo


FoamLime Adhesivo has been exclusively designed for the adhesion of cellular-glass panels providing an excellent tensile strength and thus preserving the durability and resistance of the whole system, even after it has been exposed to weather cycles—heat, water, freezing-thaw cycle. Moreover, it has additional characteristics as a waterproof mortar, non-vertical-slip adhesive and a long time after opening.

FoamLime is manufactured from natural hydraulic lime NHL-5, certified in accordance with UNE-EN 459-1:2010 Standard, siliceous and calcareous sands of great purity and compensated granulometries according with UNE-EN 12620, UNE-EN 13139, UNE-EN 13043 and UNE-EN 13242 Standards as well as from fibres, additives and last generation polymers which improve adherence and give it elasticity.

Said elasticity is extraordinarily important in terms of durability because only this way further light movements between the substrate and the panels can be compensated. This material performs multiple functions.

  1. It restores substrate flatness for a correct panel settlement.
  2. It waterproofs the substrate.
  3. It fixes the insulation cellular-glass panels to the wall.
  4. It acts as a covering mortar for the installation of the reinforcement mesh which enables the bond between the base covering that protects the panels and the mesh to be strong yet elastic at the same time.