FoamLime Silicato


Silicate-based paint reinforced with silanes.

FoamLime Silicato is a decorative covering for both indoor and outdoor use, especially formulated to be applied over substrates carried out using mineral lime mortars such as Ibercal Master.

Mineral paint based on a dispersion of stabilized potassium silicate in compliance with DIN 18 363 paragraph 2.4.1 and reinforced with EPH-DRY technology.

EPH-DRY is an innovation by Grupo Ibercal. It is a hydrophobic compound made up from silicon nanoparticles which react together creating a three-dimensional reticule which does not block pores and allows water vapour diffusion, thus creating a waterproof effect; water drops do not penetrate facades covered with FoamLime but slip down them, sweeping dust and impurities; they self-clean. Moreover, dirt does not seep into the covering because it disappears along with water drops. The result is that the facade remains clean longer.


Hybrid combination of potassium-silicate emulsion and acrylate.


  • High-adherence matte mineral surface.
  • Mould-preventing.
  • Water-vapour breathable and very permeable to CO2.
  • It reacts with the substrate in a non-soluble way, consolidating it by micro-silication
  • Low tendency to dirtiness and time-proof.
  • Fireproof, anti-static and non-thermoplastic.
  • High resistance to UV radiation, industrial gas emissions and acid rain.
  • Rainwater-proof, even after only few hours from its application.
  • Ecological due to its properties and composition (without adding solvents)
  • Applicable over any mineral substrate.