Tools and Accessories

REINFORCEMENT MESH Alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh, 145 g/m2 and 4,0x4,5 mm mesh size certified for ETICS systems according with guideline  ETAG 004 by ZÚS with number 050-018124.

U-shaped aluminium profile with counter flashing and flange for installing ETICS in the socket. Supplied in packets of 10 profiles of 2,5 m.

  • For insulation panels of 40 mm.
  • For insulation panels of 50 mm.
  • For insulation panels of 60 mm.
  • For insulation panels of 70 mm.
  • For insulation panels of 80 mm.
  • For insulation panels of 100 mm.
CORNER PROFILE PVC Corner profile with reinforcement mesh.

Counter flashing profile with mesh.

PVC profile to form a clean counter flashing in projected facades, door and window openings, shutter encasements, balconies, etc.

EXPANSION JOINT Straight profile for expansion joints with fibreglass mesh for compact expansion joints—from 5 to 25mm wide—on wall surfaces
ANGLE BEAD PVC angle bead, hidden; 2,5m long.
MECHANICAL ANCHORS Hilti Polyethilene hammer-in anchor for insulation-panel mechanical anchoring which sets by an impact-driven drive pin into a plastic plug; made from fibreglass reinforced with polyamide. Homologated for ETICS by EOTA with European Technical Approval ETA-07/0302.
MECHANICAL ANCHORS Hilti fast mechanical anchor which drills and anchors by expansion in a single operation.  It is made up from an anchoring element made from polyethylene which is fixed to the substrate by a plug-type slotted cylinder made from stainless steel. Homologated for ETICS by EOTA with European Technical Approval ETA- 03/0005.
DISK Hilti disk for enlarging the head diameter of the plug.
ROTARY HAMMER DRILL Hilti rotary hammer drill which drills the substrate, expands and fixes the type SX-FV anchor in one single operation.
DRILL BIT Special Hilti drill bit for using with rotary hammer drill TE SX and SX-FV anchors.